Rules For MyFriendsChat

Please note that breaking any of the rules listed below can result in a ban from the chat room which can be imposed without warning. Also, if you are banned by a mod, it is not an acceptable excuse to claim that other people were doing the same thing.

• This chat site is for users of the ages 13+.Anyone younger will be banned. And although we are not making an age limit pedos will be banned. This also includes lying about one's age.

• Posting any links (Skype, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, Kik, and so forth) are Not allowed . People who do this are subject to an mute/kick. If continued a ban.

•False reporting is prohibited. Action will be taken on your own account for any false reporting.

• Please respect the chat moderators and any decisions they make, especially when they tell you to stop spamming, or change your nickname or modify your behavior. Do not argue with their decisions as doing so is likely to result in a quick end to the conversation and you being banned.

• You are likely to be banned if you post contact information in the chat room . This includes an email address, instant messaging ID, or cam requests in the lobby. Breaching this rule can result in an instant ban with no warning, or a warning message. If you keep posting the same message, you may be banned without warning as this counts as spam messaging and is not allowed.

• Posting private telephone numbers is strictly prohibited and doing so will result in an instant ban.

• Using inappropriate language during a conversation, or using an inappropriate nickname are NOT tolerated and will result in a ban .Do not publish a nude profile picture of yourself. Doing so will result in you being banned and reported.

• Please do not share any content that is not your own. This includes material that is copyrighted—music, artwork, articles, photography etc, as well as private chat messages and personal information.

•Use of English is necessary in the chat so that everyone can understands , you can talk in other languages in pms . This helps our mods keep the rooms safe for all users.

• Any users who post links to .exe or .zip files will be banned, as most of these links lead to viruses

• Please do not post any personal information about yourself or anyone else .Any instances of trolling, racism, flooding, spamming, or roasting will not be tolerated

• Please don’t post content that promotes other chat sites.

• Vpn isn't allowed here . Use of vpn leads to a system ban. Vpn Api key :

The above list of rules covers the majority of general situations but cannot cover every specific eventuality. The site is monitored by a team of moderators who are here to help and ensure the safety of all users. Please ask them any questions and respect the decisions they make. Much like you, moderators want to enjoy using chat rooms, and they are using their free time to ensure Chat rooms are fun and safe for all users. So please respect the job they do.